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This is where you will find new ideas and products to help you feel better in general, or which help you to care for someone you love. It's a random assortment of news, product reviews and good books to read for better mental health and well-being.
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Look what I just found!

Aromatherapy shower bombs.

Aromatherapy is a proven way to relax and feel more positive.  
This amazing invention from Austria enables you to turn your shower into a spa, using carefully formulated vegan, sustainable 'shower bombs'. They smell amazing and contain natural essential oils for your shower steamer. Bliss!
Order a set for yourself, or they make a great gift for someone who only takes showers, but who would benefit from this 'scent-sational' idea. The link is HERE.

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Great product for people with dementia

Jelly Drops are an exciting invention to help tackle hydration issues when someone has dementia. If you struggle to get a loved one or someone in your care to drink enough water, it can worsen the symptoms of cognitive impairment and threaten their health in general. Jelly Drops look and taste like a sweet treat but are 95% water and contain vital electrolytes.  Having tested them on relatives, they are a great success!

Read more or order at



This new book explores why you should pick up a pen and notepad (or use your device) to keep a journal, write poetry, pen letters and do expressive writing. It is a way to achieve better mental health but it also has other important advantages. Read more on this site or order your free copy with this link:

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