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A voice you can trust....

Everyone’s definition of ‘feeling better’ is different. It depends on your personal and private concerns and obstacles, and the things YOU find hard to talk about.

Why visit the Elephant in the Room?

NHS waiting lists for mental health support are long, and maybe that’s a step too far for you right now anyway.

You may also feel that the things holding you down - or back - don't warrant expensive therapies and counselling, gadgets and wading through self-help books.

We created The Elephant in the Room to bring together insights that you can 'dip into' whenever you want. 

What this ‘Room’ won't do, is suck you into wild theories, hard-sales tactics or misinformation. 

 The resources and articles are based on careful research, and experience from working with various health and social care organisations and charities.


 The Elephant in the Room guides you to solutions that are:



Including information that may help you talk about yourself – and what you need – with greater confidence, clarity and control.

There are also ideas on ways to move forward that are:





Yes, this website does mention products, books and services sometimes. These are always 100% tested and can be trusted to be of value. Any commission received is an added bonus, to support Elephant in the Room in its work, but these purchasing opportunities are only mentioned if they are of genuine merit.

There will also be guest blogs and all sorts of other resources as the project develops and expands.

What sort of subjects are included in this ‘Room’?

It primarily discusses:

  • Poor mental help.

  • General stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.

  • Feeling ‘not yourself’, restless and out of sorts.

  • PTSD.

  • Dementia.

  • Grief.


Get in touch with feedback on the topics you would like us to explore, to get comfortable with The Elephant in the Room.

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Products and services we endorse

Products and services we mention are tried and trusted, but some do earn a small amount of commission to support this website going forwards.
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This 
commission does not increase the price to you, if you do choose to make a purchase.  

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