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Welcome to The Elephant in the Room

A safe space to explore practical and achievable ways to feel 'better'.

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This room provides insights, ideas and resources for YOU

I started Elephant in the Room with the goal of sharing my professional research and experiences with a much wider group of people.

For many years, I have delivered communications support and website content for charities and social care/health organisations under 'Big Impact Communications'. Now, I am gathering fresh up-to-date information just for you, and it is free.

It's especially focused on practical and achievable SOLUTIONS for anyone dealing with the day-to-day realities of stress, low mood, grief, poor confidence, loneliness and supporting someone with dementia. 
Why struggle to navigate 1.9 billion websites to get simple advice and new things to try, when you can come here to visit The Elephant in the Room?

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Solutions........not diagnosis

Articles, signposting and other information on this website are correct when added but may become out of date without our knowledge.  Please let us know, so corrections can be made.


We do not dispense individual advice or support. There are contact details on the Resources page to find that kind of individual help.

Nor is this website a way to diagnose an issue, or replace medical advice and professional support. It is an informational resource only.

If your organisation would like help with its communications and content creation, please get in touch for a friendly chat and a no-obligation proposal and quote.

Individuals and organisations are also invited to get in touch with ideas and suggestions for future content. Please note, we do NOT retain your contact details.  Your information will NOT be used for any other purposes, or shared with other parties, under any circumstances.

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